Two weeks into the entry window for the TGO Challenge 2018 we have just received our 250th application! So far we have had 30 more applications than at the same point last year which means, unless entries drop significantly in the next 4 weeks, we are likely to need a draw for places. So, if you have already applied we wish you luck in the draw. If you haven’t yet entered you have until 28th October to put your name in the hat.

For those who enjoy them here are a few facts and figures to muse over.

First time Challengers
So far almost a third of entrants are first timers. We glad to see last year’s increase in first time Challengers continue as they are the life blood of the Event.

Second time Challengers
Another 17% of entrants will be on their second crossing most of them being from last year’s crops of first timers. They maybe should have headed the previous post about the addictive nature of the Event

Age Range
As ever we have a big age range with the youngest entrant being 19 and the most senior being 81. It’s good to see a lot of younger participants entering with 12 in their 20s and 26 in their 30s bringing the average age down to 55.

Age         Number of entrants                 Age           Number of entrants
10-19                    1                                            50-59                           67
20-29                  12                                           60-69                          71
30-39                  26                                          70-79                           34
40-49                  39                                          80+                              1

10th and 20th crossings
So far we have 5 people who will be on their 10th crossing and two on their 20th. We suspect there will be more. These people and their walking partners are guaranteed places so are no doubt already plotting their routes.

Overseas Entrants
We again have entries for all over the world: Barbados, Canada, Germany, Denmark, France, Ireland, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland and the USA.
Whilst entries from most countries at this stage are in single figures we have 32 from the USA which is already more than the total for last year. We’re not sure why the Event has become so popular but we’re not complaining. The enthusiasm and excitement is quite palpable even on this side of the Atlantic!