Photo : Chris Wood

So the route is finished.  Well done – it’s not easy getting this far!   Before you send it to us there are a few things we would ask you to check. Some of these might seem like nit picking but they all help make it easier for Challenge Control to use your route sheet and establish where you might be in an emergency.

Route description

This should be  clear and concise.  We don’t need information on our copy about where you will resupply etc. if you are struggling to fit it in the boxes you are probably giving too much detail – try taking out linking words such as “follow” or “walk along”. No jokes please – they might amuse us when we receive them but seem a little less funny if we are handing it over to the emergency services.

Distance and ascent figure

These are a bit of a nuisance to produce if you don’t us digital mapping but important none the less.  A 28km day would be a long day for most people but manageable for most if the ascent is 300m but another mater entirely if it is 2300m!

Foul Weather Alternatives

Please check you have suitable FWAs and that they are contiguous and link to and from you main route.  Yo also need distance and ascent figures just like you do for the main route.

Grid references

Please use British grid references with two prefix letters and six figures.

Overnight Halt Points

When wild camping please give a name (nearby watercourse/ loch or glen/ named structure is fine). No need to say wild camp – that is normally obvious! In towns or villages we don’t need a grid reference but if you have pre-booked accomodation please give the name and if possible a phone number.

Emergency Contacts

Please give name relationship to you and their contact number – 1 for each Challenger (can be the same person). We will only contact them in an emergency so knowing their full name and how they know you really helps us as the chances are we’re telling them something they don’t want to hear . . .

Mapping method

This helps the vetters check you heights and distances as there is usually a discrepancy between digital and manual methods

Mobile phone number

If you have one (a few people still don’t) please add but if it changes before the Event please let us know.

Phone in points

There must be at least 4 and they should be  where a signal is likely or a landline is available. Please do not use your start or finish point.