Yesterday proved to be somewhat surreal as Challenges started out on a virtual journey – travelling to Scotland’s West Coast without leaving their homes. We’re on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but the most surreal action is in the Challenge Facebook Group.

Come and take a look – you don’t have to have Facebook Profile to view and if you want us to post on your behalf just email us.  Here’s a selection to relieve the lockdown blues but there is much, much more . . .

David was all packed and ready to go for his route that heads along the Moray Coast

Brian is in the air swopping warm sunny Florida for slightly less favourable climes . . .

while Vicky and Jay plan to arrive in style.

Peter time travelled to 1989 to take the sleeper,

meanwhile Laura was meeting old friends at Glasgow Queen’s Street before boarding the Challenge Express where Adrian caught her on camera.

Ali  was forgetting her boots back in 2000 and had to head home after 45mins in the car and Mike got his rucksuck trapped in a train door.  Willem Fox found his companion has snaffled his high tec nutritionally balanced trail food. . .


First time Challenger Pam  found the Shiel Bridge campsite was in her garden by which time the blue skies had faded and real rain was falling!

Andrew missed the virtual sleeper but a bit of judicious time travel and a little help from CERN he got him to Glasgow in time for the Challenge Express.  His 1kg 25l pack contained a toaster and a guitar!  He arrived at Oban having travelled back to 2013 for a stunning sunset.


Toasters were quite a thing – on Twitter Judith chose one as her luxury along with a very long lead then added a fridge for the butter and the frozen lemon to go in her gin!

Another essential item packed for the trip across Scotland. Andy(who provided the picture, Phyliss, John, Pauline & Allan all remember this chap who may or may not be called Richard bringing his pipes all the way from Glossop!


And finally Linsdsay was a bit late starting but promises she can get from Sussex to the West Coast in a day on her new fangled bit of transport!

We’re on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but the most surreal action is in the Challenge Facebook Group