2021 event timeline


Applications for the TGO Challenge are usually taken in September but due to the Covid-19 situation this has been delayed while we assess the changes needed to make the 2021 event viable.


We will ask those with deferred places if they want a 2021 or 2022 place but no definite decision need to be made at this stage.

If you have any questions about the Challenge or are wondering if you have enough experience, please contact the coordinators at newtonmorehostel@gmail.com or phone 01540 673360/673583.  If the Event is over subscribed a draw for places will take place.  Those who are unlucky will be offered guaranteed places in 2021. 


Entries will be taken from 3rd-17th November.  Initially a link to the online entry form will be emailed to those with deferred or guaranteed places and should there be any spare places a link will appear on the Enter the TGO Challenge page. A draw will take place for the additional places if necessary. Paper forms will also be available from the coordinators (01540 673360/673583) for those without internet access.   The cost for TGOC21 (for those without deferred places) is £80 per person and the fee will be requested once a place is confirmed.  It is not refundable so please check you have the appropriate skills and you are able to get leave from work/family.  Any places that are not paid for within 2 weeks of a place being offered will be given to those initially unlucky in the draw.

It is now time to start plotting your route.  Full Event Details, including route planning advice, will be emailed to participants and route sheets will be made available to download.  Please don’t send us your route before 9th November.


What better way to spend winter evenings than plotting your route? You can submit your route for vetting at any time – no need to wait for the deadline! The coordinators and vetters are on hand to help if you need any help or advice.  Last chance to defer you place to 2022 is 1st December.


Deadline for route submission if you, or one of your group, have completed 5 or more crossings is 18th  January.


Deadline if you, or all of your group, have completed fewer than 5 Challenges is 22nd  February.


The deadline for route revisions is 8th March. Now the days are getting longer it’s time to head out with your tent and get some practice in for the TGO Challenge.


Final preparations. Have you any accommodation still to book? Time for those final gear checks. The event’s Final Details will be issued by email.  We will also ask for details of your emergency contacts and any medical conditions.  


The adventure begins! Time to travel to your chosen west coast start point. You can sign out between 9am on Friday 14th May and 5pm on Monday 17th May. You can finish anywhere on the east coast between Fraserburgh and Arbroath but you must then get to Montrose by 5pm on 28nd May for your crossing to count.

Unfortunately we are unlikely to be able to hold the traditional celebratory dinners in Montrose but hope to be able to have small gatherings throughout the day if Covid-19 restrictions allow.


Tell us about your experience. If you write a blog or put together a photo or video diary send it to the coordinators at newtonmorehostel@gmail.com and we will add it to our blog roll. Carey Davies, editor of The Great Outdoors magazine, is usually looking for photos or accounts for the October issue which features the Challenge.   Then it’s time to think about your route for 2022!