Information for participants

Entry Notes:

What you need to know before you apply: Entry Notes – T&Cs for TGOC21

Event and Final Details: 

2021 Event Details are essential reading for any Challenger. This gives details of the Event and guidance on planning your route and information on presenting and submitting it.

2021 Final Details give up to date information needed for your crossing.  Please note the Participants List is only available to current Challengers and those involved in running the Event.


Medical Information and Emergency Contact Form:

2021 Medical and Emergency Contacts Form – Word version

2021 Medical and Emergency Contacts Form – PDF version

Please return to the coordinators by 31st May 2021

Route sheets:   

Please present your route on one of the forms below  We cannot accept it in any other format.  Mac users – please use the editable PDF if possible and note we cannot open “Pages” documents.

Before you submit it, however many Challenges you have completed,  please ensure it complies with the checklist.

2021 Route Sheet.docx – Word version    Please ensure it does not roll over onto a third page and do not remove any boxes.  For those with routes deferred from 2020 this is your best option as it will allow you to “cut’n’paste” unaltered sections. Please highlight any changes and do not simply adjust the dates on your 2020 route sheet as we need the ferry information in the top right box.

2021 Route Sheet.doc – Word version    If you don’t have Microsoft Word this version is compatible with other options eg Open Office.

2021 Route Sheet Editable PDF    Mac users – please use this form if possible as it will prevent the formatting issues we get when the Word version is converted to Pages and back again.  Please note you will need Adobe Acrobat to use it effectively as some features are not shown if it is opened in your normal browser.

Route Sheet Checklist

Guide to Scotland’s Terrain:

Colin Crawford’s excellent guide to Scotland’s terrain – well worth a read if you are new to Scotland or have only walked a waymarked trail here.

Notes on Scotland’s Terrain

Feedback to vetters: 

Please use this form to report any problems or access issues that you encountered on your crossing.

Feedback for Vetter’s  – Word version

Feedback for Vetter’s  – PDF version


2020 Virtual Certificates:

Virtual Challenge Certificate WORD

Virtual TGO Challenge Certificate PDF